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Charu is based in Austin Texas.

An ISCON certified henna artist, Charu Gopika is one of the most influential henna artists in her field, with over 34 years of professional experience and an international following. Known for her iconic style that mixes traditional and contemporary motifs, Charu’s designs often “go viral” on Pinterest and Instagram. Charu specializes in destination wedding mehndi and creative retreats in Texas, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Cuba, and Australia. She is also a sought-after henna instructor and has taught at the world’s largest henna conference, as well as smaller conferences internationally. Charu mixes her henna by hand, from ingredients sourced from around the world. The supplies she uses on her clients are now available to the public at same website. Her henna artwork has been featured in an impressive array of publications as well as in the short film, Blank Canvas. Despite all the kudos and press, Charu shies away from the spotlight. She prefers one on one time with her clients, many of whom have become dear friends. Henna Tattoo artist for 20 years. We are enthusiastic Tattoo lovers. Please contact us to know more about us


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